sábado, 14 de junio de 2008

tO DuFfMan

It is not 7 minutes in heaven

No Ego or Super ego
We are just id
we are thirst and hunger
lust and pain.
Because we all are: fucking cavemen
unorganized personalities
basic drives
unconscious by definition
We didn’t come from heaven
we are chaos, a cauldron of instincts,
instant satisfaction
needs ruled by pleasure in opposition to everything
we vessel our dark, inaccessible side
we all are like a newborn child
amoral and egocentric
illogical, primarily, infantile.
Closer it gets
we know how bitter it tastes

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Duff Man dijo...

Thank you, Lorena. I know those poems were a blessing in disguise. Sex can mean so little, and hurt so much. I tried to speak from that "id" side of me. Thank you for understanding my caveman side, for your friendship and wise words. =)